Musicians become the center of a musical performance as they play their instrument. Cadenza listens to them and accompanies them with real orchestra, band, or piano recordings that synch with the user’s expression in real time. Selected by Apple as a "Best New App" worldwide in 2015. — Budget $250,000.
Roles – UI, UX and visual design, copy writing, dev team management, distributed user testing, app store release graphics, music licensing and production. I led a team of two engineers, a visual designer, and three content producers. I art-directed photo and video shoots, and created marketing collateral for print and online campaigns. 

Choosing one's instrument at first-time use.

When playing their instrument the app automatically advances the sheet music and records audio and video (mixed with the accompanying backing tracks).

Unique method for creating and saving a custom section in just two taps. Tap the starting point on the sheet music and then tap "+" to add to the list of playable sections.

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