Built multi-award-winning apps for iOS. Plan product/market fit, go-to-market strategy, UX/UI design, developer management, and overseeing all aspects of planning, testing, launching and supporting mobile products in multiple languages. Products awarded "Best New App" in twenty countries, including the USA (Apple), MassChallenge finalist, Harvard Venture Incubation Program member, "Best New Consumer Technology" Finalist (Mass Tech Leadership Council).
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
12 years: cross-platform and responsive approach to building websites using Perl, PHP, JavaScript in cross-platform applications as well as within native mobile apps.
8 years: Adobe Creative Suite, Keynote, Quicktime, Sketch, InVision, high-fidelity prototypes, user research, user testing, localization, translation
Xcode storyboards, auto layout, constraints, asset production, TestFlight, distributed user testing and research, Jira, Bitbucket, CocoaPods, expert iTunes Connect manager (certificates, profiles, app store features, in-app-purchases, pricing, reports, analytics, localization, screenshots, preview videos), Hockey, Flurry, Helpshift and other SDK integrations. Apple Watch, Apple TV and iMessage apps, customer reviews and support
Clarity, logic and simplicity inform my goal-oriented UI design approach. UI design solutions for American Museum of Natural History, Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project, Asia Society, Workman Publishing, Jamaica Tourist Board, Sonation Apps, Yale, Rockefeller University
12 years: Design of marketing and promotional materials, copywriting, editing. Identity/brand design, including logo design, usage guides, asset production. Music production for high-profile media clients including Adidas, Sony, Broadway theaters, theme parks, film, TV and video games. 
Wordpress & Site Management
12 years: install, config, customize, modify. Connect with e-commerce, databases, catalogs and other server-side systems. Manage regular content updates, blog posts, video, social media and publishing scheduling/automation. Train editors, writers and administrators.